There is always a selection of cakes for you to choose from, all of them made in local domestic kitchens. The love that goes into the cakes shows in their delicious texture and flavour. Not only are they good, we like to give reasonable portions. However some people have been known to have 4 cakes instead of their dinner. Seen above there are fruit scones, bakewell slices, Bara Brith, Chocolate cake, Coffee and Walnut cake, Date slices, Carrot cake, Orange slice and Cheese scones. There is also Ginger cake, Lemon drizzle cake, Nipstone Nut cake.... the changing selection is worth the visit, as not all are available at one time.

We generally have some biscuits which are wheat or gluten free. In addition there are mundane things like KitKats, chocolate bars and crisps.

A variety of hot drinks are served - a selection of teas, decaf tea, coffee, decaf coffee, hot chocolate, mint infusions - as well as cold drinks such as squash, ribena, cans of Coke, lemonade, and fruit juice.

Please help us if groups of 12 or more are visiting and require refreshments, let us know by email or phone so that we can ensure we have sufficient cakes and helpers.

We accept major credit cards.

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